2020 has certainly been a challenging year for most, and it has inspired many of us in the hospitality world to keep thinking, re-inventing and creating.

A huge part of The Ollerod experience is forged in you coming to us; being looked after by the team and I, having a laugh and a catch up, allowing me to ply you with weird South African concoctions and encouraging you to try some intriguing combination Chris has conjured up!

The whole experience is unique to actually being at The Ollerod and we, unfortunately, can’t bring it to your home,
That said, with the world as it is right now, it is becoming increasingly challenging for quite a few of our guests to come to us; and so we have decided to start doing ‘takeaways’.
Whilst you may not get the full Ollerod experience you will still be able to delight in Chris’ fantastic dishes and a handful of our cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

We are starting small, with a selection of favourites, and our amazing Sunday roast, which you will be able to order directly from our kitchen and take home.

As we progress we are planning on introducing exciting things like themed takeaway evenings (Sushi Night, Thai Night and more). We are also exploring offering full 3-course-dinners, that we fully prepare and you just put together (with specific instructions and pictures) at home.
The above is dependent on what is happening at The Ollerod, as we will still be open and operating! We’ll keep you updated as we go..

In addition to takeaways, we are opening a little online shop.
We have had so many of you asking to buy our bread or my sisters ceramic plates or Chris’ incredible breakfast granola or our kimchee – the list goes on.
This has been the foundation of The Ollerod Shop. Everything available is a little bit of The Ollerod; the food items have all either been in or on one of our dishes, and the non-consumables are made in Beaminster (by my fabulous sister) exclusively for us.

We welcome any and all feedback, suggestions and comments.

Happy shopping and eating!

Silvana & Chris