We’re thrilled to be able to bring you an unforgettable evening of Vin de Bordeaux and exquisite food as we invite you to join us for our next Wine Dinner.

Ever since it was set up as a buying office in Bordeaux in 1883, Maison Sichel has remained, first and foremost, a family business .
Since that time, seven generations of the Sichel family have succeeded one another at the company’s helm and have successfully moved from wine merchant in the 1800s through to present-day winemakers.

The first Bordeaux wine merchant to create its own winery back in 1967, Maison Sichel poured every last drop of skill and know-how into its brands, and we are so excited to be able to create an evening of the perfect pairing between this range of amazingly medium to full-bodied wines, home to aromas of black currant and plums with the perfect Autumnal feast prepared by Chris and the team.

But beyond the amazing food and delicious wines is a treat that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Max Sichel himself will be here to share his insight on the Maison Sichel journey, the wines and the intricacies that have led this family estate to become one of the most esteemed front-runners of Bordeaux splendour.

Enjoy a 4-course meal with 4 brilliantly paired wines for £70 per person. Space is limited, so book your place soon.

For bookings, or more information, contact us on (01308) 862 200 or email us on reception@theollerod.co.uk