According to Lancashire Life, a trip home after grocery shopping for her family led artist Sukie Woodhouse to an epiphany moment and a new direction for her paintings. And it’s that new direction that we are so excited to be displaying at The Ollerod over the coming months of art.

A subsequent visit to Wales led Sukie to realised that it wasn’t plastic-alone that was disturbing the balance in our environmental equilibrium, but the amount of ‘ghost gear’ in the form of fishing line, hooks and fishing nets, that also started to inundate our beaches and shorelines.

After training as an art historian, and then exploring the world of 3D art, Sukie was naturally led to a completely new direction of creation – one that used non-recyclables as a way to now highlight the plastic-problem we have in the world today; and so was born a powerful art direction that will be on display at The Ollerod.

The Wave Art exhibition takes the beautiful coastlines of the UK and ironically blends them with that which is very quickly polluting them and causing them to become unsightly and harmful to all of us, and our environment, to create textured pieces of plastic and paint that highlight our plight against plastic.

About Sukie

After graduating, Sukie started her own business as a scenic artist where she painted murals for clients such as the London Aquarium and Sea Life Centres. For over 20 years, she has been creating scenic art for leisure destinations such as bowling alleys and family entertainment centres, all over Europe.

“Researching ways of recycling plastic water bottles for the primary school I work at, I came across a technique of melting plastic bags with an iron”, she said.  It was at this point that she realised she could melt the bags directly onto the canvas. “All the ideas suddenly coalesced into one solution to my wave problem,” she adds.

Sukie has learnt to melt pretty much every kind of plastic packing, carefully creating the foam of the waves and others for amazing light reflections in her work. For many of her creations, she takes it a step further and encapsulates the words and poetry into her creations. Each work comes with a hand-written list of the all the plastic used in it too.

We are really excited to have Sukie’s work on display with us this Summer, so make sure you pop round the next time you’re in the area. The exhibition will run soon after our Lie of the Land exhibition, currently on show until 10th July 2019.  For more information about Sukie’s work, visit her Facebook page here: