We did say that 2019 Summer would be a Summer of Art – and to continue along our artistic theme, we are overjoyed to be able to welcome a truly spectacular art exhibition to The Ollerod.

Arriving on our doorstep in August,  ‘ Wanderlust’ is an ArtCan exhibition exploring the experience of taking a holiday and giving yourself time to breathe, and ‘just be’.

ArtCan is a non-profit arts organisation that supports artists through profile raising activities and exhibitions, an open network of ‘likeminded’ peers, and practical support structures. They seek to complement and support established gallery structures by enabling emerging talent to be experienced and purchased. ArtCan believes that a no-commission sales structure helps ensure that the artist can focus on developing their art rather than trying to make ends meet.  They encourage a collaborative, networked way of working and thinking where like-minded peers can enrich thinking and they do that by creating fantastic opportunities for emerging contemporary artists to reach a wider audience in the art world.

This curated exhibition runs from 3 August until 28 September and will feature incredible sculptural and 2D works from UK and International ArtCan artists which include Anthony Grieveson, Caroline Banks, Cat Sweet, Emma Franc, Geraldine Molia, Hamish Macaulay, Heather Burwell, Hilary Rosen, Kate Enters, Kira Phoenix K’Inan, Laura Gompertz, Laura Parker, Lawrence Mathias, Mirella Bandini, Nectarios Stamatopolous, Simon Probyn and Valerie Zwart.

To find out more about this exhibition, and ArtCan, please visit https://www.artcan.org.uk/.