The Ollerod is overjoyed to have been included in the 27th edition of the Trencherman’s Guide.

The Trencherman’s Guide, an annual guide which “celebrates exquisite, creative cooking and pitch perfect service’, showcases exquisite and authentic South West dining experiences in order for those who appreciate impeccable gastronomic dining experiences – both from a food, and a service perspective.

The Origins of the Trencherman’s Guide

They write: “The birth of the Trencherman’s Guide in 1992 came in the wake of one of the most exhilarating periods in British cooking. The country hotel was coming into its own and pioneers such as George Perry-Smith of the Hole In The Wall at Bath had inspired a generation of talented South West chefs including Joyce Molyneux (The Carved Angel), Stephen Markwick (Bistro 21) and Stephen Ross (The Queensberry Hotel).”

The 80’s saw a birth of new food exploration which resulted in a sense of experimentation, innovation and risk-taking, as ‘affluent foodies’ prepared to travel further than usual to seek out and experience a new taste delight. Many of these were based in the South West.

The Eighties’ obsession with epicurean exploration had resulted in a tribe of affluent foodies prepared to travel long distances to seek out hotels with a gastronomic reputation – many of which were in the South West.

And while a lot of the limelight was hogged by the Capital, the founders of the guide were keen to open up new opportunity, and shine a well-deserving light on amazing food that could be discovered outside of London.

And so was born the first ever guide which celebrated the 25 top restaurants in the region.

We’ve always believed that exquisite food, coupled with an unforgettable service delivery, and married to sustainable, thoughtful food creation is what makes a great dining experience, an unforgettable one. And the team have been working hard to ensure that all those who visit, not only come back, but leave feeling that they’re so much richer for having experienced our authentic hospitality.

So, we thank you all – for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you soon.

Find us on page 44. And if you’re really nosy, catch Chris’ happy face hidden elsewhere in the guide too!

For more information about the Trencherman’s Guide, click here.